How to configure a connection to the Fullerton College Wi-Fi networks using Windows 7



1.       Before configuring, please temporarily disable any Firewalls or Antivirus programs running on your laptop, to avoid difficulty connecting.

2.       Click Start -> Control Panel

3.       Click Network and Internet

4.       Click Network and Sharing Center at the top of the window.

5.       Click Set up a new connection or network

6.       Click Manually create a network profile.

7.       Enter the following, and then click Next

a.       Network name: (FC Student or FC Staff)

b.      Security type: WPA2-Enterprise

c.       Encryption type: AES

d.      Check Start this connection automatically.

8.       After the network is added, Click Change connection settings.

9.       Click the Security tab. Then verify these settings:

a.       Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise

b.      Encryption type: AES

c.       Network authentication method: Protected EAP (PEAP)

d.      Check Cache user information for subsequent connections to this network.

10.   Click Settings.

11.   Verify these settings:

a.       Uncheck the box labeled “Validate server certificate.”

b.      Select Authentication Method: Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2).

c.       Check Enable Fast Reconnect.

12.   Click Configure.

13.   Uncheck the checkbox labeled “Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain, if any).”

14.   Then click on “OK”.

15.   Click Advanced Settings.

16.   On the 802.1X settings tab, select Specify Authentication Mode: User Authentication.

17.   Click on "Save Credentials".

18.   Enter your FCNet username and password in the pop-up box.

19.  Click "Ok" for each of the open property boxes.

20.   Your computer will then authenticate and store your login information until you change your password or it expires.

21.   Enable your firewall and anti-virus programs again once the configuration is complete and you have made a connection.