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FCNet Accounts              

There are three major computer account types used at Fullerton College:

FCNet accounts provide access to the campus network resources including computer logon, network file storage, printing, email, the SharePoint sites, and FCWireless. All FCNet account holders (faculty, staff and students) should use the SharePoint portal to manage their account.

  • Staff and faculty can request accounts online. Paper applications are available from your Division, or on the Staff Accounts page. User names generally follow the first initial last name convention. Initial passwords will be sent to staff through the campus mail room.
  • Student accounts are automatically generated for registered students within 24 hours of completion of registration. Student account usernames and passwords are managed through the District portal, myGateway.

    Campus departments, committees, and other work groups can request FCNet accounts and SharePoint sites using the department account application.

    Student organizations should route their account requests through the Student Affairs office.

Banner accounts are required to access our District Enterprise Information System (EIS) . Additional information concerning Banner can be found at

myGateway accounts allow students and staff access to EIS to register for classes, print out class rosters, enter and access grades, review course transcripts, etc. User names for myGateway are the employee or student ID number (xxxxxxxx) . Passwords/pins are initially set to the six digit birth date (mmddyy) . The myGateway login can be found at

Blackboard accounts use your myGateway username and password. See Logging into Blackboard for more information on accessing your online courses. For more information on distance education at Fullerton College please see