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FCNet Configuration              

  • E-Mail

ACT recommends that all FCNet account holders use Microsoft Outlook while on campus, and Outlook Web Access (OWA) at while off campus. This will not require any of the mail configuration listed below, and will provide you with access to all of your mail folders and features.


  • SPAM

All FCNet email is scanned for SPAM and for viruses.


  • IMAP

Configure your remote and mobile client devices to use IMAP to connect to the FCNet email system.




Outlook Configuration:



POP3 is a legacy email protocol and is no longer supported.  Configure your email programs to use IMAP to connect to the FCNET email system.



Student FTP Server (H:)
Staff FTP Server (H:)
Department FTP Server (H:)
Organization FTP Server (H:)
Student Web FTP Server (W:) student(#)*
Hourly Staff Web FTP Server (W:)
Staff Web FTP Server (W:) s
Department FTP Server (W:)
Organization Web FTP Server (W:)

*Replace (#) with the last digit of your eight-digit student ID number.

W: drive FTP login name for students: FC\STUDENT_ID_# (Replace STUDENT_ID_# with your 8-digit student ID number).

H: drive FTP login name for students: STUDENT_ID@student# (Replace STUDENT_ID with your 8-digit student ID number; replace # with the last digit of your student ID number).

FTP login name for staff and hstaff: FC\FIRST_INITIAL_LAST_NAME (Replace FIRST_INITIAL_LAST_NAME with your first initial and last name with no spaces).

Password: This will be the same password you use to login to the Fullerton College (FCNet) network on campus.

To FTP using older versions of Internet Explorer 5, enter the following text into the address box: ftp://LoginName:Password@FTPSiteName. For example, if student @11111111 wanted to use FTP to update his web, he would enter: (except, of course, he would replace Password with his account password).


A Virtual Private Network connection is available to Staff who put in a Service Request requesting it.


Wireless (FC WiFi)

FCNet wireless service is provided throughout the Campus. To use it you will need an active FCNet account and a 802.11b/g wireless device. FC WiFi, FC Staff, and FC Student are the only valid FC SSIDs. Current areas of coverage are listed on the FC WiFi map.