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FCNet Staff Accounts              


Fullerton College Academic Computing Technologies provides FCNet accounts for faculty and staff members. Hourly employees may obtain hourly staff accounts. Without an account, you will not have access to applications running on the server.

An account will be created for each faculty or staff member who fills out a Network Account Request Form and is approved by their Division/Department. Please allow three working days for your account to be created.


Once your account has been created, you will receive your login identification and password through the campus mail. The first time you login to the network, use the password you have been assigned. Please change your password immediately. The new password should be an alphanumeric word containing at least 6 characters with no spaces. Memorize this new password as it is impossible to retrieve a lost password. Passwords expire every 180 days, and can be changed at any time in the SharePoint portal.

Account Management

Faculty and staff should manage their FCNet account through the SharePoint portal. New account holders should sign in to the portal, click on Account Profile, change the account password, then click on the Security Question link, and create a security question and answer for their account. This will allow you to reset your password over the web should you need to do so.

It is important that you logout each time you are finished using the computer; otherwise someone else will have access to your account.

Data Storage

Staff accounts are allotted 750 megabytes of data space on their H: drive, 100 megabytes on their S: drive, and 5 gigabytes of mail space on the server. Your files should be saved in your home directory (H:\). If you will be accessing files from a student lab or classroom, use your S: drive, which saves files to the student server. Files saved in any other directory will be purged regularly. Any files on the web drive (W:\) can be accessed from the Web using the HTTP://STAFFWWW.FULLCOLL.EDU/[LOGIN NAME] reference. (Replace LOGIN NAME with your FCNet user name.) Your default home page should be named INDEX.HTM. Assistance for creating a web page including templates and graphics is available at

Web Space

To activate your web space, point your browser to, click on Account Profile, and then sign in using the link at the top right of the screen. Click on Web Settings, and follow the prompts. Please wait while the system processes your request. Account holders electing to use Expressions Web as their web authoring tool should select Open Existing Site instead of Create New Site when creating or editing their pages. Web sites that have not been updated for 12 months will be deleted.

Account Deletion

Staff accounts will be deleted when you are no longer employed by the college. If you retire from the College, and would like to keep your FCNet email address, please contact your Dean or Manager.

Staff members who are enrolled in a class at Fullerton College should establish a student account for use while doing class work.