FCNet accounts provide access to the campus network resources including computer login, network file storage, printing, email, the SharePoint sites, Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, FCWireless, and Web Space.
All FCNet account holders (faculty, staff and students) should use the SharePoint portal to manage their account.

  • Student accounts are automatically generated for registered students within 24 hours of completion of registration. Student account usernames and passwords are managed through the District portal, MyGateway.
  • Faculty and Staff can request accounts online. Paper applications are available from your Division, or on the Faculty and Staff Accounts page. User names generally follow the first initial last name convention. Initial passwords will be sent to staff through the campus mail room.
  • Campus departments, committees, and other work groups can request FCNet accounts and SharePoint sites using the department account application.
  • Student organizations should route their account requests through the Student Affairs office.

District (NOCCCD) Information Services

Banner accounts are required to access our District Enterprise Information System (EIS). If you need help with information regarding Banner please contact the District Information Serivices Help DeskYour Banner ID will be assigned to you by the Information Services department of NOCCCD. You can contact them directly with any Banner-related issues at (714) 808-4849 ( Banner can be accessed via the icon on your device once it is installed. Your Banner password needs to be changed every 90 days but it can be changed more often if you wish to do so. Once your password has been used, you cannot use it again.

MyGateway accounts allow access to EIS to register for classes, print out class rosters, enter and access grades, review course transcripts, etc. Your MyGateway ID # will be assigned to you by the Information Services department of NOCCCD. You can contact them directly with any MyGateway-related issues at (714) 808-4849 ( MyGateway can be accessed through Fullerton College, or directly at MyGateway. Passwords / PINs are initially set to your six-digit birth date (mmddyy) but can be changed through Webstar on MyGateway. New Passwords must consist of at least eight characters, with at least one number, and at least one letter. The MyGateway username and password are also used for software utilized by the Distance Education program.

Distance Education

Canvas is the campus learning management system. Login using your MyGateway username and password.

For help with Canvas, call (844) 600-4948 or click on the Help icon in your Canvas dashboard to send a message under Report a Problem.