FCNet Student Accounts

Fullerton College Academic Computing Technologies provides FCNet accounts for all currently registered students. This account will allow the student to have private and public space on the server, access to a private Exchange Email account, access to use software applications on the server and space to publish their own web page. An account will be created for each Fullerton College student who registers at Fullerton College.  In order to use the account, the student must agree to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy, the Lab Policies, and applicable District policies.

Student account passwords are synchronized with myGateway and must be managed through the MyGateway portal.

Forgot Your FCNet account Password?

Fullerton College provides currently enrolled students with a Fullerton College email address, also known as an FCNet account.
Student FCNet account passwords are synchronized with myGateway and must be managed through the myGateway portal.
The instructions below will detail how to reset your FCNet account password, if you are locked out of your FCNet Account, via myGateway.

Student Email and Office 365

Fullerton College is now providing access to Office 365, a web-based service that provides a feature-rich set of tools for collaboration using Microsoft cloud-based products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, SharePoint, and cloud-based email.  For more information please visit https://o365.fullcoll.edu/

Preferred Email Address

All official correspondence from schools within the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD) including Cypress College, Fullerton College, and NOCE will be sent to your Preferred Email Address. You can specify your preferred email address in MyGateway. For instructions on how to change your preferred email address, please click the link below.

How to change your preferred email in myGateway

If you have difficulty changing your Preferred Email address, or if you would like your student.nocccd.edu email address removed, please contact the District IS Help Desk at ishelpdesk@nocccd.edu

Data Storage

Student accounts are data storage for up to 1TB of data for personal use in OneDrive, Teams and Mail. On-campus computer lab and classroom computers will attempt to automatically transfer documents saved to a computer’s Desktop or My Documents folder to your OneDrive, but to guarantee that your files are saved for as long as you are a Fullerton College student, you must store them in your OneDrive folder. Please note that due to space restrictions, all student accounts may be purged after 12 months after your last scheduled course.

Your FCNet email address is [studentID]@fullcoll.edu For example, a user with the student id 39382647 would have an FCNet email address of: 39382647@fullcoll.edu. To access your email from off campus through a browser, go to https://o365.fullcoll.edu. Log in using your FCNet user name and your MyGateway password.

Web Space

Students may request Web Space on the campus web for use with any web authoring classes they may be enrolled in.

To request web space, visit https://sp.fullcoll.edu,  click on Account Profile, and then sign in using the link at the top right of the screen. In the Web Settings section, and follow the prompts. Please wait while the system processes your request. After web space has been created, students will need to use FTP/FTPS to upload their web pages. Please see your instructor for instructions on how to do this.

Publishing Documents on the Web

All files that are uploaded to your web space are visible to the public. Do not upload any private or sensitive documents.

The URL for your web space will be http://student*www.fullcoll.edu/LOGIN_ID where * is replaced by the last digit of your 8-digit student ID number, and LOGIN_ID will be replaced with your FCNet user name (your 8 digit student ID number). Note that there are no spaces in the name and there is a colon and two forward slashes before student*www. For example, if a student with ID number 39382647 wanted to publish a home page named home.htm, she would create the document, and save it to her web drive as home.htm. The URL for this page would then be: http://student7www.fullcoll.edu/39382647/home.htm.

There is additionally one special file that is displayed if no explicit file name is given. The name is INDEX.HTM. If no explicit file name is given in the URL, then the web server will load this file if it exists. This feature can be used to reduce the length of the URL for your home page. If you name your home page index.htm, then you will only need to tell people to accesshttp://student*www.fullcoll.edu/LOGIN_ID to get to your home page. Once again, * would be replaced with the last digit of your 8-digit student ID number and LOGIN_ID would be replaced with your own login id.

Account holders electing to use Microsoft Expression as their web authoring tool should select Open Existing Site instead of Create New Site when creating or editing their pages. When the Account Options box displays your new web page information, click on Index my web. If you have any questions regarding authoring of your web site, please contact your instructor.

Web sites that have not been updated for 12 months will be deleted.

Problems with your FCNet account?

If you need assistance with your student account password, please contact Admissions and Records at (714) 992-7177. ACT personnel, including Lab Aides and Help Desk staff do to have access to assist students with their passwords.

For student account issues other than passwords, please contact the ACT Help Desk at (714) 992-7111. You may also reach the Help Desk by sending email to: ACTHelpDesk@fullcoll.edu.