Cisco VoIP Phone Phone Guides

Cisco quick reference guides  

Cisco 7941/7942 2 Button IP Phone

Cisco 7961/7962 6 Button IP Phone

Cisco 7911/7906 IP Phone

These online phone guides will help you learn to use the buttons, features, and services on your Cisco IP Phone.

Handouts from on-campus training classes

Cisco VoIP Basic User Guide

Cisco VoIP Multi-line IP Phones

Cisco VoIP Phones Programming and Using Speed Dials

Cisco Unity Voice Mail

Program your phone features at Your user name is your campus extension. The password is your voicemail password.


SharePoint 2010

Parts of a Sharepoint site


Service Request System (SRS)

SRS Procedures


VPN and Remote Desktop

Please see the remote work page for information about Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Remote Desktop (RDP) information.


FCNet Department Website

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